30 Day plan is a commitment to rebalancing of hormones and eliminating inflammatory foods and toxins, looking at metabolism daily energy ageing pain sleep immunity and more. Stubborn fat, feel calmer, sleep deeper, look better have more energy and less pain are all the things we will deal with so that you can feel more in control of your future.The more energy you have the better you feel … the younger you look …. the happier you are. My 90 Day programme digs deep into the mindset and your dreams and goals. What controls your emotions and what drives you or otherwise, specifically how you feel about the difficulties surrounding you. We look at relationship goals, self-image self-esteem, even money goals, and we will look at your motivation to be the person you are deep down.

We tailor strategies taking time to work through the challenges you face right now and the setbacks and difficulties you are enduring with ways and ractical solutions to take you to the next level in your life.

Within this programme there is the opportunity to dig deeper into specific issues and to work beyond it with a professional councillor, expert or therapist in that field.

BEFORE The 30-Day Plan

Are you feeling like you just don’t know who you are anymore? Have you lost sight of when you last fit in that black sexy dress and never feel sexy to wear it anyhow you’re so tired? Do you feel torn between the kids and being the best you can be at your job are you feeling like you can’t juggle anymore plates and you’re just doing everything half cock?!!

Do you recognise your partner?
Is your diet dreadful …skin just awful?
Maybe your kids are grown up nearly and you’re thinking now what? who am I /` what can i do for me? This is my time.Perhaps you’re divorcing or divorced, you feel unattractive (“you’ll never get a man looking like that, my stomachs too big etc … “No one will fancy me” well been there!!  I got told that long enough so it stuck eventually) CONFEDENCE ISSUES and self-esteem WEIGHT you really don’t like?

AGING and body image an issue?
MONEY not got enough? don’t know how to manage it (it’s only a commodity) What keeps them awake at night? Is it their bills or their wrinkles?

Then AFTER The 30-Day plan

So, If I can help you with that would you be interested in working with me?
Benefits of my Programmes and the results will bring a with new found confidence and a much brighter happier you. When you support the removal of toxins, balance your hormones and fight inflammation within your body you will feel more energised, be able to think clearly and most importantly live in the NOW and learn to have time for yourself and most important Love yourself. Put yourself first. How would they feel if you could help them to achieve their dreams ? Ask what’s going to happen you they don’t do anything about it for yourself? What will things look like in 2 years?

What you get in the programme 30 Day Plan

Coaching one to one via a weekly one-hour coaching session week one by Zoom then in a group of max 4 people / plus Daily WhatsApp chat QA support Meal plans and access to a free Facebook group with daily posts and free access to half hour Body Soul and Skin information slots. Recipes both Vegan and non-vegan. Creating your own action plan. Includes all supplements to take part in the 30-day reset.